Rediscover youthful radiance

Rediscover youthful radiance

Introducing Ultraformer III

The secret to gorgeous skin and toned contours.

Imagine achieving the skin of your dreams without resorting to invasive surgeries or Botox. Diamond Laser Medispa in Taupō has made it possible! Welcome the game-changer: Ultraformer III, a revolutionary system known for its ultrasound lifting, tightening, and contouring capacities.

Series shot of ultra former III on face

Transform your look effortlessly

Bid farewell to those stubborn lines and wrinkles. Ultraformer III uses advanced high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to deliver concentrated waves of energy into specific layers of tissue. It rejuvenates from within, fortifying your skin’s structure and prompting the production of robust collagen and elastin, offering a respite to those who are wary of conventional surgical procedures.


And the best part

This non-invasive procedure seamlessly fits into your day, even during a lunch break. Furthermore, it doesn’t just work on surface-level concerns. Ultraformer III delves deeper, targeting even the subcutaneous layer to reduce fat cells leading to improved body contouring. The result? Longer-lasting effects without the risks associated with invasive treatments.


No needles, no surgery, only stunning results

Curious to know how it works? At its core, Ultraformer III employs micro-focused ultrasound. This penetrates skin layers, inducing heat and friction that kickstarts collagen rejuvenation. This leads to tightened skin – all within a 30-minute window. The outcome is immediate, with negligible side effects and minimal discomfort. Witnessing early signs of aging?Experiencing sagging post-weight loss or childbirth? Or, perhaps you’re simply desiring a more refined silhouette? Ultraformer III awaits you.


A solution for every occasion

Whether it’s the delicate skin around your face and neck or other body areas like the armpits, stomach, or thighs, Ultraformer III has got you covered. Its innovative cartridge design ensures precision and flexibility, whether you’re seeking an overall lift or focusing on specific regions like the eyes, jawline, or brows. It’s non-surgical, medical-grade, and remarkably gentle. Plus, it’s a more cost-effective alternative to traditional anti-aging treatments like fillers and injectables. Every treatment at Diamond Laser Medispa is tailored to your unique needs and skin. 


How long will you glow?

The beauty of Ultraformer III is its lasting impact. Post-treatment, the radiance is instant. As your body progresses with its collagen regeneration, expect the results to blossom further over three to six months. Depending on your skin’s condition, you might opt for multiple sessions or simply annual touch-ups.


Excellence in expert hands

The highly trained team at Diamond Laser Medispa are one of only a handful of clinics able to offer this transformative technology in New Zealand. Their combination of expertise, experience, and advanced skin therapy ensures that you’re pampered with the best. Every skin type has its own story; to ensure you receive the treatment plan most suited to you, start with a complimentary consultation at Diamond Laser Medispa. Pricing will depend on your skin type, laxity, and number of treatments needed. If you’re in two minds or eager to learn more, book a session and discuss the best roadmap for your skin journey.


Book a free consultation with the experts at Diamond Laser Medispa
07 378 482310a/29 Totara Street, Taupō

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