henry is published every quarter, at the beginning of each season.

We print 30,000 copies per issue – giving every issue a shelf life of 3 months and a current physical readership of 81,000+. Our digital audience hits nearly 4,000 readers each edition.

We do a one-off delivery to letterboxes, PO boxes, rural delivery addresses and accommodators, and our CBD circuits are topped up on a monthly basis.


  • 1,987 rural delivery
  • 6,000 residential letterboxes
  • 2,456 CBD circuit (CBD locations, accommodation and TDC Customer Service & i-SITE)
  • 604 Taupo PO boxes


  • 11,113 residential letterboxes
  • 861 Rotorua PO boxes
  • 1,510 café circuit


  • 868 residential letterboxes
  • 339 PO boxes
  • 2,862 rural delivery
  • 1,400 CBD circuit (cafes, accommodation)

To help reach our readers, we engage the services of ReachMedia and Triangle Promotions.

Who gets henry on the CBD circuit?

  • Advertisers
  • Cafes
  • Motels
  • Waiting rooms/receptions
  • Medical centres & dentists
  • Libraries
  • Selected retailers

Why didn’t I receive a copy in my letterbox?

With direct mail, there is always a percentage of “failed delivery” due to the (most common) following reasons;

  • Human error, the ‘walker’ misses the letterbox
  • Human error, the magazine is folded in with other junk mail and the resident throws it all out without realising
  • The property does not accept circulars or junk mail
  • It is a Rural Delivery address that does not opt in for unaddressed mail. Many new home owners moving into RD addresses wouldn’t even realise it; the previous owners ‘opt out’ and the new owners move in without realising they’re not receiving the circular mail. Only the resident can check and correct this.

What people are saying...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your 1st edition has just arrived in my letterbox.

As a long-time resident, 41 years, I not only love the town, but also love to support a lot of the things going on in town.

However I do not listen to the local radio and therefore miss some of the happenings. It is so good to have the programme for the next few months and know what is going to happen. This is a publication that I will keep by me instead of throwing it away with all the ‘junk’ mail.

Gin Fry

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henry provides a professional, potent, and affordable print advertising solution for any business, connecting the Taupo & Bay of Plenty regions and consumers. Reach and connect with the increasing flow of people, business and travel across these towns.

Advertise in henry magazine


henry is printed every quarter, at the beginning of each season. We produce 30,000 copies per quarter – meaning every issue has a shelf life of 3 months.

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