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We Love…
textures and layering

Textures and Layering

There’s just something about layering, textures and using deeper, richer colours to make a space cosy and warm for winter. Think throws, cushions, rugs, poufs in winter favourites such cashmere, mohair, merino, alpaca and jute – not to mention crocheted-inspired knits.



Dumpling fever is everywhere – deep fried, pan fried, or steamed – it doesn’t matter: These soft and fluffy, light and delicate delights have gone from comfort food to cult status. These bite-sized bundles of joy are loved for their variety, their speed from kitchen to table, their great-for-sharing status, and they’re a cheap eat too! What’s not to love?

Our Planet, Netflix Series

Who isn’t captivated by David Attenborough’s work? This ambitious eight-part documentary series of spectacular scope explores the unique wonders of the world, while examining how climate change impacts all living creatures. Grab your popcorn.

More Labs, Morning Recovery

We love that companies are finally thinking about this! Think of it as your liver’s wingman, bouncer and bodyguard all in one. A formula designed to boost your body’s response to alcohol – restoring nutrients and rehydrating so you can feel better the next day. And now it’s also available sugar-free.

Vege Gardens

You cannot beat fresh, homegrown veges! Beetroot, broccoli, silverbeet and lettuce can all be planted now. And, don’t forget, the shortest day of the year 22 June, is the best day to plant your garlic!

Take It Off Makeup Remover Towel

Take polyester threads that are 100 times thinner than a human hair and weave it into a little towel – and you’ve got magic! Take It Off towels remove every microscopic trace of makeup, dirt and oil and they are machine washable up to 1000 times. Life hack, they’ll even remove those annoying little marks, spills etc on your clothing and collars.

The Moth (Podcast)

Listen to wonderful storytellers from all over the world – released every Tuesday – who captivate, inspire and get you thinking. Some stories are hilarious, some sad, some inspiring, some will make you feel great, and most are thought provoking. Subscribe via iTunes, RSS or your favourite podcast app.

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