Update or outdate?

Update or outdate?
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Revamping your post-pandemic work wardrobe

Is your work wardrobe feeling a bit stale? Do you find yourself glancing at what your younger colleagues are wearing and feeling a little outdated? If so, this article is for you. If you’ve stuck with the same old office-friendly outfits you had long before lockdowns were a thing, it could well be time for a sartorial update. With many of us back full-time or at least part-time to the office these days, it’s the perfect season for a workwear wardrobe wake-up. While office wear trends do tend to change more slowly than casual wear, there have been some shifts – especially as a result of us staying at home on Zoom calls – and you might be wondering how to freshen things up and cut a more current silhouette.

First, you’ll want to examine your wardrobe with a critical eye to identify what’s working for you and what isn’t. Then, review our list of updates you could make and pick out some you think will work for your tastes. Making a few strategic purchases here will help you stay current for years to come.

Looser silhouettes

Women’s office fashion from the mid-2010s often revolved around skinny jeans, tight ponte pants or leggings, and tucked-in or belted waist tops. There has been a general loosening of fit, possibly thanks to the comfy, sofa-friendly clothes we got used to during 2020, which means jean and pant cuts like flare and straight leg are very much “in” again.

Jeans and pants

If you’re used to wearing jeans in the office, you can easily update your look by swapping skinny jeans for a pair of straight leg jeans. The same is true for updating leggings or skinny-cut pants or slacks. This looks great when paired with a chunky sweater over a button up shirt. Don’t panic if you’re a skinny jean aficionado, there are still ways to make this cut work while modernising other pieces of your outfit. Try rolling the bottom hem up or pairing them with combat boots or chunky platform shoes.

Shirts and tops

Modern “classic” white shirts embrace a generous cut, long enough to tuck into pants or a skirt, but not so long that it goes below the hips (like a shirtdress). They can be worn untucked without looking frumpy. Gone are the useless square pockets placed too high on the front from older shirt styles. You might also see looser voluminous sleeves, contrasting trims or buttons, and interesting necklines adorning the classic “nice top”, which is more often an oversized or billowy shape.

Sweaters and jackets

If you’re a fan of the office blazer, current trends are moving toward longer, roomier cuts, often oversized. In a similar way, the cosy jumper is often oversized as well, sometimes with chunkier sleeves. These also work well if you are holding on to your nice leggings or skinny jeans look.

Minimal accessories

When it comes to accessories, the modern style is less chunky or showy, and more about delicately enhancing an outfit. This works well with looser fitting cuts. For example, minimal jewellery such as a fine necklace and simple stud earrings can look more current than oversized statement pieces. Quality is more important than quantity. If you still want to show off a statement piece, opt for true precious metals, and keep it to one piece only.


Tying white shoes
“Bizcaz” bags

Great news if you travel for work or carry a laptop: practical bags like the business-casual backpack are the modern carrier of choice. They are also better for your back health than shoulder bags with skinny straps. Choosing leather or leather embellishments is an easy way to elevate the look, and they can come in a range of sizes depending on how much of your life you want to carry around.

Shoes and sneakers

When it comes to your choice of shoe, modern style heels are shortening and widening, and chunky oxfords or loafers are preferred over thin, uncomfortable flats. Platforms are the new way to add height over skinny heels, as seen on combat boots, ankle boots, and even sneakers. If your office is more casual, you’ll be pleased to know that nice sneakers can add comfort and style. Keep them sleek and clean, without embellishments, and again, leather can add a professional edge.

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