We Love | Spring 23

We Love | Spring 23

#Welove… is about giving our readers a slice of top trends for the season! From local businesses, to best money saving apps, top tech and all things that nourish our soul.

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SpaceGal sitting at desk


A fun and quirky channel where kids and adults alike can learn about all things science and space via short, fun videos, available on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Emily Calandrelli, an MIT-engineer turned science communicator, teaches everything and anything about space, engineering and science, with a goal of inspiring girls’ and boys’ curiosity about STEM.

From interviewing space experts in NASA facilities or private space companies in search of answers about our universe, to showcasing at-home science experiments, her videos are entertaining and informative – perfect for both kids and adults to enjoy. 



VJ summer favourites cook book cover

VJ Cooks

Vanya is a Taupō mum of two, a food blogger and passionate about all things food. She started out sharing recipe videos from her kitchen which grew her social media following. Vanya now has a team of four local mums working part-time to help with the ever growing vjcooks.com website, Facebook and Cooking with VJ membership.

Vanya showcases how easy and delicious cooking from home can be, with her family friendly midweek meals to desserts and baking. With her first cookbook published last year in July, Everyday Favourites, and her second book, Summer Favourites, being published this August, there’s no doubt VJ is making waves in every home at dinner time with her easy-peasy recipes.

VJ Cooks Recipes

Fufuly pillow with animation hugging it


Do you have trouble sleeping, or maybe you need to calm your anxiety? Fufuly is a robotic cushion with a deep breathing technology. The cushion inflates and deflates in size, mimicking a calm and natural breath.

Applying the scientific phenomenon of rhythmical and synchronisation, it allows you to unwind, focus and sleep better by holding the cushion to correct and slow your breathing.


Subarahii Bonsai with a spot light on it

Subarashii Bonsai

Most of us have heard of bonsai, but what is it? It is living art, that can be defined as trained trees that mimic mature-sized trees that you see in nature. Subarashīī Bonsai, based in Taupō, is becoming a local hit within the area for hobby enthusiasts and the green fingered alike, due to the patience and hands-on caring bonsai trees require.

When you purchase your bonsai, you’ll receive an easy-to-follow care plan tailored specifically to your tree, along with after sale advice, wiring, trimming and repotting services that will allow your bonsai to thrive, no matter your level of expertise. Follow Subarashīī Bonsai on Facebook for new stock and learn more about this traditional art.

Subarashīī Bonsai Taupō

Gaspy app icon

App: Gaspy

Do you often find yourself driving around trying to spot the cheapest gas station to fill up? With Gaspy, all you need to do is open the app to find the cheapest fuel in your area, potentially saving you time and hundreds of dollars each year. Gaspy is New Zealand’s only comprehensive retail fuel price repository, giving you daily prices for all fuel types with over 1,700 stations, all easily organised by brand and location. Giving us Kiwis cheaper gas together!

Visit Gaspy.nz


Daily Good collection

Daily Good

Daily Good’s immunity shots are your daily source of feel-good nutrients. Not only are they formulated to support your immunity, but they also provide a source of income for Ranadi Organics, a Fijian farm supporting rural Fijian women. Derived from certified organic Fijian turmeric, ginger and organic blackcurrants, the immunity shots are proudly made in NZ. Daily Good is a sustainable and purpose-led business helping health and wellbeing be your daily priority. Each bottle includes seven daily shots that can be consumed in a variety of ways and is 100% organic, free from gluten and dairy and with no nasty fillers. Finally, an easy and delicious way to get your daily dose of goodness.

Order your dose of Daily Good here

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