We love | Autumn 23

We love | Autumn 23
Lemon squeezed over refreshing drink with ice in it
Big Crystal-Clear Ice Cubes

Slow melting and good looking; crystal clear, big ice is the innovation elevating our drinking experience that you didn’t know you needed… until now. Top bars across the country are getting on board and so are we. Available in different sizes for different glassware, big ice is great for adding that extra special to occasions like weddings, birthdays and events. There is even the option to stamp the ice with your logo or crest.



Fidget Ring
Fidget Rings

Make your fidgeting fashionable and subtle. Quietly twirl away with these stealth silver fidget rings to calm your anxiety while you live your life to the fullest. Sensory items like fidget rings are a great resource to help provide your mind with tranquillity and focus in the workplace, classroom or before bedtime at home.

Cold can of margarita with chilli and limes
Margarita in a Can – Alba

The concept – Mexican spirit mixed with New Zealand soul. Using delicious, authentic ingredients, these refreshing cans of sparkling heaven will transport you to the beaches of Mexico with the first sip! We decided this summer discovery was so good it should be enjoyed year-round. One of the most authentic pre-mixed cocktails we’ve tried, and we love them!

Andrew Huberman sitting down at the table with his mic to the side of him
Huberman Lab Podcast

The Huberman Lab Podcast is our new educational obsession. Get to know the powerful tool that is your brain with help from Ph.D neuroscientist Andrew Huberman and his knowledgeable guests. Huberman talks about how to rewire your brain, learn new behaviours and skills, and improve your cognitive functioning as well as applying these learnings to different parts of your everyday life.

Donovan Bixley hiding behind his book
Donovan Bixley

Illustrated more than 120 books, published in 31 countries, translated into 19 languages, and awarded as a writer, illustrator, and as a book designer – we love Taupo local, Donovan Bixley! His picture books cover a wide range of topics, appealing to all ages; and with Intenational Children’s Book day on April 2nd, what better time to marvel at these ‘drawsome’ collections.

Dyson air purifying head phones
Air-Purifying Headphones

Topical and potentially tapping into our paranoia…but who doesn’t love fresh air? This brand-new innovation from Dyson is designed to filter city fumes and pollutants while you tune out. Maybe not super fashionable, we definitely get behind the concept and clever features such as using a built-in accelerometer to monitor your movement speed and adjust airflow for your breathing rate. Watch this space…

Barrett Homes
Speedy Signs Advert

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