From fitbits to translators the latest pet innovations

From fitbits to translators the latest pet innovations

We check out some of the latest pet innovations on the market from fitbits to translators.

We’re a nation of devoted pet lovers and with our pet population exceeding 4.5 million, we’re easily outnumbered by our four-legged friends. It’s no wonder then, that pet innovations are big business. New Zealand owners spend an estimated $1.5 billion each year on products and services for their cats and dogs. As a result, technology for pets has taken off, with gadgets on the market that promise to keep our furry friends active, happy, healthy and stimulated, while giving us owners the tools to better understand their needs.

  1. PitPat dog activity tracker
    This clever device clips onto collars and measures the time your dog spends playing, running, walking and resting. It also checks the dog’s weight so if our pet needs to lose a few kilos, you can add activity goals for your dog to gain points and win prizes.
  2. Heyrex wearable monitor
    Collect data on your dog movements that can be used to help you provide better care for them. Known as the Fitbit for dogs, it was invented by NZ scientist and dog lover, David Gibson.
  3. Furbo Dog Camera
    Ever wondered what your pet gets up to when you’re out? There’s no need to wonder anymore, with this camera which allows you to check up on your pet when he or she is home alone. The wide image offers 160-degree views of the room and a two-way microphone allows you and your dog to hear each other. When your dog barks the camera sends push notifications to your phone, and you can even choose to remotely dispense a treat.
  4. FluentPet kits
    This US company has created a product that allows your pet to tell you if it’s hungry, needs to go outside, or wants to play. The product uses a system of sound buttons on a connecting hexagon mat. Cats and dogs can be trained to push the relevant button to express their needs, which means happier, more relaxed pets! The company has also created an app that notifies owners when their pet has pressed a button and collects data on how the buttons are used.
  5. Petrek tracker
    This NZ-owned business delivers the highest standard of tracking for owners who want continuous knowledge of the whereabouts of their beloved pets, using radio frequency, GPS and 3G technology. The 3G model, which is the smallest of its kind in the world, works with a mobile app to pinpoint your pet’s location. The app can also store data to show where your pet’s favourite hangouts are.

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