Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning
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  • Abby Beswick

The weather is finally starting to get warmer

Signalling the start of spring – the season of renewal. 


The benefits

Spring cleaning your home was traditionally a time to clean away winter’s mess, when homes were heated by fires and doors were kept shut to keep in the warmth, which also accumulated soot and grime. While most houses now enjoy more modern heating systems, spring is still a great time to overhaul your home to get it looking its best. And decluttering isn’t just great for our living spaces, it can also make us feel better too.As you awake from the semi-hibernation of winter, it’s time to renew your home. Read on to find out more about the benefits of spring cleaning and our top tips for getting started. Need more spring cleaning tips?

Spring cleaning

It improves focus and mood

When your home is messy and cluttered, it’s hard to focus in such chaotic surroundings. By cleaning up your living spaces you’re creating a clean, organised home, so you’ll know where everything is and feel more in control. There’s also a peace of mind that comes with inhabiting a clean home. 


Boost productivity

Spring cleaning is a kind of ritual that embodies the theme of renewal. When we transform our living spaces from messy to clean, we get a feeling of accomplishment from producing a result we can see and feel. You’ll enjoy the satisfaction of improving the aesthetic of your home and set the tone for productive months ahead.


Reduces the chance of injury

Our homes are full of opportunities to hurt ourselves and when they’re cluttered and messy, the risk factor skyrockets. Common injuries include trips, falls, choking, poisoning and fire. However, most injuries at home are preventable and by doing a spring clean you’ll help your whānau stay injury-free at home.


Prevent illness

A clean house can not only keep allergies at bay, it can also minimise the spread of viruses and bacteria. Carrying out a deep clean of your home in spring including sanitising surfaces people touch a lot, helps you and your family avoid illness. This can prevent the spread of covid as well as foodborne illness. Keep surfaces, sinks and items such as cutting boards clean to improve food safety and minimise the risk of illness.

Washing hand under water

Tips for getting your house looking its best


Make a plan

  • Don’t expect to get it all done in one day. Break it down into smaller steps so it feels more manageable and tackle one at a time.


Stock up on supplies

  • Look for products that use biodegradable, eco-friendly ingredients.


Do the biggest task first

  • This will create the biggest change to your home and give you a sense of motivation to keep going.


Work from top to bottom

  • Don’t forget to show your windows and walls some love.


Take your time

  • And do the job right.

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