How to Pull Off a Rebrand

How to Pull Off a Rebrand
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  • Jo Lee

Businesses inevitably face the need to rebrand. It’s not a bad sign, it just means a business has grown past its current identity and needs a look that truly represents them.

Before you leap, make sure you’re rebranding for the right reasons… not just because you’re bored. Maybe your business is/has evolved? Have or are changing direction? Maybe you’re no longer inspired by your brand and your customers aren’t either – or it reminds you of corduroy bell bottoms – dreadfully stuck in the past.

So What is a Rebrand?

It’s an update of a business’s goals, messaging and culture which are reflected in the brand’s look and feel. One that hopefully improves your position with existing customers and your first impression with potential customers. What it’s not: just a name change.

Remember, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Only rebrand if your business needs it. Unnecessary or poorly considered branding decisions can scare off customers and confuse existing ones, who will end up leaving you. If you have strong brand equity, consider what might be lost before you change.

So, how do you do this?

Follow the Fundamentals:

Research: Know how and where you fit. Who is your market? Your competition? What is your team culture? It’s a good time to look at performance, your strengths/ weaknesses, values, and goals? You may need to cater for a changing audience or adapt to increasing competition, make sure you know your purpose.

Differentiate: A successful brand is seen as unique in customers’ minds. If you’re rebranding, look at adding new features or something extra, giving customers more reason to stay with you during the change.

Communicate: Send your customers ample and personal communication explaining what it means for them. Update your website and social media pages, and advertise where you need to; Google AdWords is a great way to get the word out fast.

Consistency: Your brand message needs to be repeated across every touch point a customer could come across; business card, advert, branded stationery etc. That includes everywhere online too, make sure your domain name and all your social media handles are available before you start the process and change your name!

Think You Need a Rebrand?

At ninetyblack, our brand work is guided by these principles – to ensure that we get you the right look, to the right people, in the right places.

So, are you ready? Call the brand professionals today on 0800 90 25 22.


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