World-first period product a game changer

World-first period product a game changer

In the year since its launch, innovative period product the Hello Disc has gained international recognition, won multiple awards, and become a consumer favourite.
Created by NZ sustainable period company Hello Period, founded by friends Robyn McLean and Mary Bond – a registered nurse, the Hello Disc is unlike anything else on the market. The disc was developed with US-based sustainable period guru, Kim Rosas, and features a double-looped tab for easy removal. The tab is also designed to make the disc more accessible for consumers who struggle to remove menstrual cups and tampons.

The Hello Disc is made from soft, medical-grade silicon and provides hours of leak-proof protection, holding up to 50 ml – the equivalent of 5-8 tampons. It’s also reusable for up to five years, so it’s a good choice for the environment. While the discs may look large, they are folded lengthwise to insert and end up being no wider than a tampon, says Hawke’s Bay-based McLean. Hello disk, sanitary product

Another unique feature is instead of using suction to stay in place, it is tucked behind the pubic bone, making it a great option if you have an IUD fitted. “Because it sits high – you can even leave it in for no-mess period sex so it’s a bit of a game changer in that regard,” says McLean.

And the response from consumers has been overwhelming. “People literally cannot get over how amazing it is. I love reading the reviews – they tend to be almost breathless with excitement and awe.”

The Hello Disc has been a hit since it launched in February 2022 and has become the company’s best selling product, says McLean. “As soon as we had it in stock, it would sell out. In less than a year it has become the world’s top rated menstrual disc on Google. We’re pretty proud.”


Hello Period Co-Founder, Robyn McLean and Hello Disc Co-Designer, Kim RosasThe product has also been recognised with a number of awards, including Best Product Design winner in the Good Design Awards 2022, and Consumer and Sustainable Product Design winner (silver) in NZ Best Design Awards 2022.

McLean and Bond’s earlier product, the Hello Cup launched in 2017. These menstrual cups are now stocked throughout New Zealand and in several other countries. The Hello Disc is their latest innovation in reusable period products. While game changer is a term often thrown around, McLean says it’s fitting in this case. The accessible, intuitive, comfortable design sets them apart.

“We worked so hard to get the design right and that has paid off. Existing discs were okay – but without a tab, many people found them hard to reach and also messy to remove. Our unique design has solved both those problems.”

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