Own Your Life

Own Your Life

Mindful Nourished Roots Speaks Change

Life is busy – and it speeds along – which is all the more reason to ensure you live a life well lived, says Viola Schoettle, director of Taupō’s Mindful Nourished Roots.

“Too often we see people – women especially – who are constantly on the go and giving everything they have to everyone else, and not taking time out to address who they really are, what they really want from life,” she says.

“Which is why we need to really break that pattern, make change and start taking accountability.”

Reaching out to a career in wellness coaching was a natural step for Viola who first-hand experienced the shortfalls of doing and being everything to everyone – just not herself.

“My own wellness journey has afforded me the tools and impetus to reach out to women – particularly those mid-30-40s professionals who recognise they need greater movement towards self-reflection and fulfilment, but aren’t vested in actioning new measures,” explains Viola.

“As a coach, it’s my job to make my clients stay accountable, provide them with a secure space, a listening ear and the necessary strategies to drive their goals.”

Life is for living

Going beyond a prescribed programme is essential in the pathway towards greater changes, says Viola.

“I journey with my clients and implement actions along the way in accordance with their goal set – i.e. emotional change, physical, nutrition. To bring balance to someone’s life you can’t hand them a list of things to do and leave them to it. You have to stay ever-present and make conscious changes that’re directed towards long-term wellness.”

Because, at the end of the day, life is for living and it’s best served with a truer sense of self.

Mindful Nourished Roots offers sessions in person or across Skype/Zoom. Viola also offers a one-to-two hour free first session for new clients. Her time spent working with clients is typically two to six months.

To connect with Viola give her a call on 021 025 21343, email her at mindfulnourishedroots@gmail.com or visit www.mindfulnourishedroots.com

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