Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes

Activated Carbon NZ (ACNZ) is an innovative carbon-producing company founded by five shareholders, in the heart of NZ, Taupō. In December 2016 they actioned their vision to produce the high grade activated carbon whilst staying environmentally conscious. To-date, they are the only company in New Zealand producing activated carbon from the significant – and abundant – bi-products and waste of the forestry and milling industries – all other activated carbon is imported.


All product is made from organic Pinus Radiata waste sawdust. It is manufactured via a complex activation technique which essentially cleans out the cellular structure of the wood, producing high quality and highly adsorbent activated carbon.

“We believe in being proactive. Not only do the decisions we make now and in the future effect the local environment but the whole country.” – Mark, plant and operations manager.

What is activated carbon?

Activated carbon (or activated charcoal) is a fine, odourless, black granule or powder. Produced from carbon-rich, organic materials such as wood, coal, and coconut shells, it goes through an ‘activation process’ which cleans out the pores and eliminates the organic volatiles, leaving just the carbon pore structure and increasing surface area. As a result, one teaspoon of activated carbon has more surface area than a football field. Simultaneously, the pores and micro structure are then able to attract toxins and chemicals to it, hence used in areas of purification.

Activated Carbon NZ supplies New Zealand industries with the highest quality wood based activated carbon, and can manufacture carbon up to 1500 square metres per gram – depending on the application required.

What are its main uses?

Combat environmental pollution

Activated carbon is capable of adsorbing undesirable components from gases, making it an incredibly valuable air quality control and purification product, from gas masks to industrial air filtration. Harmful pollutants which are traditionally removed using chemicals can be removed naturally using activated carbon.

Water filtration

One of the most common uses of activated carbon is to filter water, and it is widely used in large scale water purification treatments. It can tackle a large number of contaminants, including chlorines and a large percentage of fluorides – improving water clarity and removing odours, toxins and other chemicals.

General health

Activated carbon is considered to be a natural cure for a variety of ailments, and it’s a great alternative to medications or products which contain artificial ingredients.

By filtering out undigested toxins and drugs, activated charcoal can assist kidney function, neutralise intestinal gas and is widely used to treat overdoses and poisoning.


Because activated carbon can help draw microparticles such as dirt, dust, chemicals, toxins, and bacteria to the surface of the skin, it is often used in face masks, deodorants and in teeth whitening products.


Find out more at www.acnz.nz

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