How To Rewrite Your Skin’s History

How To Rewrite Your Skin’s History
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You may have already heard about microneedling, a minimally invasive, low-downtime skin procedure. For those not yet in the know, microneedling is used to treat all kinds of skin concerns, from pigmentation to fine lines and wrinkles, with lasting results.

The Dermapen 4 features cutting-edge technology to go beyond microneedling, providing a holistic, customisable solution that’s safer than ever before. We asked local Dermapen experts Diamond Laser Medispa to help explain the process, benefits, and potential results of this revolutionary natural treatment.

So, what is microneedling?

Dermapen microneedling works by lightly pricking the skin with micro-fine needles, which stimulates the natural self-rejuvenating function of the skin to create collagen. This procedure is highly sought after, as unlike injectables it is a natural process using the skin’s own repair process to plump, firm, and brighten.

How does the Dermapen work?

The Dermapen 4 features a special anti-contamination mechanism, revolutionary needle cartridge design, and increased speed to keep the needles from dragging. There are multiple depth and speed settings to allow for working on different skin concerns and body areas. It is also the only microneedling device to feature a dedicated scar setting, making it suitable for surgical, burn, post-acne, and stretch mark scarring.


What should I expect during treatment?

Your treatment will begin with a facial cleanse to remove all make-up and residue. Next, the miniature needles will create fractional punctures on the surface of the skin. Don’t worry, the sensation is light, and you likely won’t notice the pinpricks after the procedure at all. Your treatment will also include skincare actives containing potent vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other nourishing ingredients to help penetrate deeper for intense rejuvenation.


Who should try this treatment?

Dermapen microneedling is safe for most clients, but it’s especially sought after for those whose skin has not responded to home treatments or other procedures such as chemical peels. The treatment is for anyone with skin concerns ranging from enlarged pores, fine lines or wrinkles, scarring, acne, problematic skin, stretch marks, to pigmentation, dark patches, or sunspots. It suits all skin colours as well, unlike other treatments such as IPL which is not suitable for darker skin. Dermapen is often a last step before considering more intensive cosmetic procedures


What areas can Dermapen treat?

The great news is that one treatment can cover several areas of the body, including the face, lip area, delicate eye area, ears, neck, hands, chest, and scalp. Multiple concerns can also be treated at the same time thanks to the Dermapen’s adjustable depth and speed of the micro-fine needles.


How many sessions will I need?

Typically, most patients will see a noticeable increase in healthy, glowing skin after just one session. However, it’s recommended to have around 3-6 treatments for maximum results and long-lasting improvements.


Who will perform my Dermapen treatment?

Your treatment will be performed by one of Diamond Laser’s highly trained dermal therapists, who are all qualified and experienced in this treatment. The team benefits from ongoing training from advanced leaders in the field, helping the clinic stay up-to-date with this ever-evolving technology.


What about after-care?

Recovery and down-time after your treatment is minimal, with most requiring almost none. Skin irritation and redness might appear within the first few days, but should go down quickly. Your skin will be more sensitive to the sun, so wearing sunscreen is a must. Diamond Laser also stock a complete range of DP Dermaceuticals Dermapen products for at-home aftercare to maximise results. Dermapen treatments even help your skin to absorb skincare products more effectively, as an added bonus.

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