DIY Fizzy Egg Bath Bombs

DIY Fizzy Egg Bath Bombs
  • Ingredients
      • 2 large mixing bowls
      • 3 large Easter egg moulds or circular moulds – your choice
      • 120 grams baking soda
      • 50 grams Epsom salts
      • 50 grams corn-starch
      • 50 grams citric acid
      • 2 teaspoons water
      • 1 teaspoon essential oil (we like sweet orange)
      • 2 drops food colouring (maybe yellow for Easter!)
      • Confetti sprinkles to jazz them up (we like to use biodegradable glitter from Projekt Glitter Bioglitter)
      • Optional tiny toys i.e. dinosaurs or reptiles (we like ipidipi toys which you can buy from Amazon – 32 pieces for $10)

Bath Bombs to match your sweetness

Take a dip into the water egg style! But don’t worry, you won’t come out looking or smelling like an actual egg. These bath creations are destined to leave you looking and smelling delicious from head to toe!

You can even add a ‘surprise treat’ inside – egg-cellent idea!

How to:

Step 1: Take a bowl and mix in your dry ingredients – baking soda, salts, corn-starch and citric acid. Give them a good whisk together.

Step 2: In your second bowl, mix all the wet ingredients – oil, water and colouring.

Step 3: Pour your wet ingredients into your dry ingredients and mix well. If the mixture begins to lump together add a little more water – but not too much! You want a consistency that is firm to touch and not too sloppy.

Step 4: Take your egg moulds, split them into two halves – you should have 6 halves – and sprinkle your glitter into both halves. We like to use approximately 1 teaspoon of glitter per egg half.

Step 5: Gently pack your mixture into all 6 halves, making sure there are no trapped air pockets otherwise your eggs will fall apart when you take them out of their moulds. If you’re planning on a surprise toy too, insert one toy into three of your halves now.

Step 6: Finally, push your filled halves together – you should have three complete eggs – and leave them to set under a towel for at least 30mins.

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