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We Love…

Whether you need a good giggle or some lunch inspiration, We Love…


The new mental clarity elixir you have been waiting for. Made from natural resources and harnessing the power and antioxidants of blackcurrants, consume their range whenever you need to beat that afternoon brain fog or think up a brand new million-dollar idea. This “brain food for the modern world” is available in liquid, capsule or powder form.

Poke Bowls

Our latest lunchtime obsession – poke bowls! Raw fish, rice and packed full of fresh veges (think deconstructed sushi), this dish is the only thing keeping us on track with our “healthy eating 2020” resolution.

For the full recipe click here

My Dad Wrote a Porno Podcast

If you are after a podcast that will seriously make you laugh-out-loud, this is IT! As the name would suggest, the podcast follows Jamie and two of his friends reading and reviewing the erotic fiction his dad wrote. It’ll make you laugh, cringe and question reality itself.

Calm the F*** Down Journal

“Through practical advice and guided interactive exercises, the Calm the F*** Down Journal is a place for you to ask and answer questions that may have been swirling around your brain like minnows on a meth bender.” Knight brings you a simple, portable stress reliever for all that life throws at you.

Vegan Trumpet

We’ve got your vegan, gluten-free goodness covered! Tip Top have done it again with their coconut-based trumpet. Boysenberry, chocolate and peanut, what more could you ask for?


Whether you are trying to reduce your coffee intake or you simply just love a hot brew, we are loving tea! Said to reduce inflammation, have calming effects and used in Chinese remedies for centuries, these little leaves aren’t going out of style any time soon. Why not try out some teas from Noble & Savage? Not only are these beautifully packaged but they are bold and flavourful – we recommend the Maple Walnut!

Tech cleanliness

How many of us sanitise our phones as often as we should? According to Times Magazine, your phone houses TEN TIMES the bacteria of a toilet seat! Make 2020 the year you make this a weekly habit. Clean your keyboard, computer mouse, smartphone and anything your hands might be all over.

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