Under the Microscope

Under the Microscope

Top hiding spots for germs and bacteria revealed…

When we think about where germs and bacteria hide, some obvious places come to mind – bathrooms and public spaces – but we often forget that they’re literally everywhere.

So, when it comes to commercial cleaning, you need something that covers all nooks and crannies instead of the usual skim around during a routine clean. Check out some of the common hiding spots you need to consider, that could benefit from a deeper clean . . .

School buses

From upholstery – sat upon by many a child – to condensation on the windows, school buses are hotspots for viruses, posing a high risk to students and staff beyond the bus. It’s a rare occasion that 100% of the bus interior is cleaned – and when it is, it’s tough getting into every spot.


Gyms are one of the top places harbouring germs because bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments. Hosting a range of equipment: weights, mats, and machines used, it’s not easy keeping track of every surface.


Desks, chairs, doors, benches, floors, equipment and other touchpoints are shared by children every day, and are one of the fastest breeding grounds for germs. Couple it with unknowingly coughing and sneezing, and virus spread escalates.

Door knobs, handles and railings

People are constantly touching and retouching these surfaces with germy hands. This means they’re riddled with scuff, oils, viruses – and some! – due to high user volume.

Get protected

As much as practicing good hygiene is important, so is maintaining a clean, healthy environment and routine disinfection. Smart Fogging Solutions provide cleaning, fogging, sanitisation and disinfecting services for a range of settings – eliminating airborne and surface-based bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms. We catch those hard-to-reach surfaces and even the ones you don’t think about, because nothing stops germs dead in their tracks better than proper disinfecting and cleaning.

Interested? Talk to Nadia Bragg and find out how you can get the best protection for your space. Get a free measure and quote:

  • P: 027 948 3326
  • E: nadia@smartfoggingsolutions.co.nz
  • W: www.smartfoggingsolutions.co.nz
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