Funky Finger- Knit Necklace | Kids Fun

Funky Finger- Knit Necklace | Kids Fun
  • Written by
  • Dyani Van Basten Batenburg

Put down the iPad and pick up the wool! Up your fashion stakes and try this quick and easy DIY project.

What you’ll need . . .

  • Wool – choose any coloured ball of wool you like
  • Scissors
  • Beads – aim for four or six medium sized coloured beads

How to . . .

Start by taking the tail of the wool across the palm of your left hand (or the one you don’t usually write with.) This tail will be one side of your necklace so leave it approximately 15-to-30 cm long to adjust the length.

Next step, don’t cut the wool length off the ball just yet! With the wool still attached to the ball, weave the strand over and under your fingers heading towards your pinkie.

Then, once you reach your pinkie finger, repeat going back to your ring finger.

Repeat this same pattern until there are two loops of wool on each one of your fingers.

Next step, beginning with your ring finger, pull the bottom loop closest to your palm over the second loop, and then off your fingers.

Now, start again – just like you did at the beginning – and weave the length of wool over and under your fingers until you have another two sets of loops. Then, pull the bottom wool over the top wool. Continue this pattern until your form a chain.

Finally, tie off the end of your finger knit chain by knotting the ends of the wool. Leave the strand on the end long because it will be the second side of your necklace.

Slip a large wooden bead at each end of the necklace for added decoration – and you are done! Absolutely fabulous!

Wool Bombing

Want to take wool to the next level? Bomb it! Yarn bombing – as it’s been labelled – is fast becoming a popular thing to do. Simply take a ball of multi-coloured wool and choose an inanimate object like a lamp, picture frame, trophy, skateboard deck. Once you have your object, trim off a length of wool, and start wrapping it tightly around the object – making the wool as form-fitting to the object as you can. When you reach the end of your length, use a little hot glue to keep it in place and then continue on with new length until your whole object is transformed into a tight-knit woollen wonder!

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