That’s a Wrapt

That’s a Wrapt
  • Written by
  • Deepika Sulekh

Seaweed And Stick It

We don’t need another reminder that plastic usage is a huge problem for our planet. What we need is solutions, and Tauhara College Student Brooke Moore has weeded out a winning ticket.With the ever-popular plastic wrap being one of the main culprits of this debacle, Brooke has come up with a resolve that’s just as handy, but no longer detrimental. Meet Wrapt, an edible, dissolvable, plastic wrap alternative.

Why make it a wrap?

Plastic wrap waste is one of the easiest to forget about when tuning into plastic pollution and working to mitigate its effects on our environment, but it’s also one of the top five culprits on our coastlines. Our throwaway habits have become dominant, especially when some habits – i.e. grabbing our reusable bags, coffee cups, containers, etc – require effort to change an old train of doing. Thankfully using Wrapt is easy, you can eat it or dispose of it, and still save the planet – with minimal effort, stress and waste!

So how does this new alternative fair in the appearance department? Truth be told, it may look and feel identical to plastic wrap, but it’s actually made from agar agar, a setting agent derived from seaweed. And, because it’s edible, dissolvable and allergy-free, it’s suitable for vegans and those who suffer with intolerances/allergies. Agar agar has also been touted to aid digestion, weight loss, bone health and brain health.

Not only is Wrapt set to cull pollution, it’ll save you in handy work. Next time you go to bite into a sandwich, no need to unwrap, just bite on in. And never fear the taste, standard Wrapt is unflavoured and odourless, however you can purchase it in two additional flavour options: green herb and raspberry.

Not ready to chomp on your sandwich wrapper just yet? No problem, because it’s 100% biodegradable, simply run it under hot water and watch it dissolve.

Help take Wrapt to the next level:

Brooke’s idea needs to be patented before she can upscale and produce large amounts of the wrap to replace plastic. You can help Brooke at or follow on Instagram.

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