Taupō’s Sip in a New Direction

Taupō’s Sip in a New Direction

Remember those days when spotting a piece of rubbish wasn’t an every minute occurrence?

When a visit to the recycling depot was a monthly excursion and pumice and stones were what you took home after a trip to the lake front? Many Kiwis will. However, with litter problems escalating countrywide, it’s not about sitting back and remembering days of old, but confronting our wastage with new long-term measures to ensure a greener future.

We spoke to the ninetyblack team who are coalescing with the Taupō District Council to introduce a new environmental initiative and loyalty programme to Taupō – OneCup. Brewing the new, expressing a little of the old and adding a sprinkle of incentives for local businesses, this reusable takeaway coffee cup directive is destined for great things. From reducing New Zealand’s landfill waste, creating improved sustainable and long-term cup cycling within the community, and enabling Partner Cafés to attract and retain new customers.

Let’s lift the lid on a few cup truths and take closer inspection of what OneCup’s set to serve…

The problem

Our thirst for drinks on the run results in over 295 million takeaway coffee cups falling to landfill every year in New Zealand. However, it’s not just landfills suffering cup overload, our waterways are choking on our throwaways, with accumulated plastic damaging our marine ecosystem and becoming part of the marine food chain.

However, replacing all plastic with compostable cups isn’t the answer to protecting our environment either. After all, the majority of compostable vessels still end up in landfills due to a lack of available compostable rubbish bins in New Zealand.

And, not all problems are remedied by destroying takeaway cups altogether and forcing customers to bring their own to cafés. Why? Not only are BYO mugs or cups larger to hike around, it’s easy to forget them when dashing out the door. Let’s be fair, putting all responsibility on the customer isn’t a viable long-term plan-of-attack either.

Meet the solution: OneCup

Starting up in Taupō in March, OneCup is a green initiative and environmentally friendly loyalty programme, operated by a simple deposit system.

Serving up a district-wide cup cycling venture to combat single-cup use, may be just the long-term green solution we are all – cafés and customers – in want of, enthuses Taupō Mayor, David Trewavas.

“Projects like this help people get more engaged, help increase awareness of the issues, and ultimately reduce the amount of waste we send to landfills,” he says.

“We all have a part in looking after the place we love and this great initiative will give us all a quick and easy way to do our bit and minimise the environmental footprint in our community. As a council, one of our key aims is ensuring our rubbish and recycling is managed in a safe, efficient and sustainable way as we head towards becoming the most liveable and prosperous district in the North Island by 2022.”

Get your takeaway coffee in a OneCup

Here’s how it works: Pay a $2 deposit with your coffee purchase at any Partner Café and you’ve already reduced waste.

After you’ve enjoyed your drink you have two choices: return the cup and redeem your deposit or hand it in and get a fresh coffee in a fresh new OneCup! The best news – no big spend on your own reusable cup, and no washing for you!

Check www.onecup.nz to see if your favourite Taupō café is part of the Partner Café network yet. Is it not? Then nominate it to become one.

Join the movement – become a OneCup Partner Café

Partnering benefits go beyond attracting new customers and saving on disposable cup costs. These include:

Website listing: Every Partner Café gets a listing on the OneCup website, which is designed to help customers find and support Partner Cafés.

Marketing initiatives: Through ongoing OneCup print and online promotions, Partner Cafés can expect greater business publicity and awareness.

Spread awareness: Partner Cafés can demonstrate their support and backing for greener business and reducing landfill and recycling waste by joining the OneCup movement.

Any questions about the benefits OneCup offers to Partner Cafés?

Check out their FAQ’s page at www.onecup.nz/faqs


Connect with OneCup

Why steer the community in a new cup direction? Because sometimes you just need someone to start, say the team at ninetyblack. Driving this programme isn’t just about a great new product, it’s about future planning for the planet and the people of Taupō.

To jump onboard OneCup’s three-month trial, reach out to ninetyblack – they’re on hand for all OneCup matters. For less than the price of a coffee per day, they’ll help you set up, implement and educate your team from beginning to end – including promo kit supplies and delivery of 100 OneCups to get you started. They’ll also take care of any cup redistribution and refund any outstanding deposit money.

Launching in Taupō in February 2019. Find all Partner Cafés at onecup.nz 

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