Love it or list it? Tips for a winter home glow up

Love it or list it? Tips for a winter home glow up

Whether you’re prepping your house for sale, or it’s time to refresh and fall in love with your home again, we’ve got some easy ways to renew your space this winter. From quick tweaks to floor-to-ceiling makeovers, there’s something for all budgets.


If you’re planning to stay put for a while and your home is needing a bit of love, there are plenty of ways to improve the way it looks and feels. These simple changes will also ultimately add value to your home for when it is time to sell up.

Add some natural materials

In recent years, design trends have moved away from heavily man-made materials and re-embraced natural fabrics and textures. You can add warmer, natural elements to your home by incorporating materials like wood, leather, and textiles such as rattan or linen. Weaving in smaller accent details can be a good way of adding textural interest to your home without requiring a whole renovation, such as swapping out metal dining furniture for solid timber or purchasing kitchen accessories with a wooden accent. Coffee tables made from live edge wood make an eye-catching lounge centrepiece.

Look after those hardwood floors

If you’re thinking about switching to hardwood floors, they are highly sought after and add great value to a home thanks to their durability and longevity, plus they’re easy to clean and maintain. They are also a healthier option for those with allergies because they don’t harbour dust and allergens. Flooring care experts Bay of Plenty Floor Sanding gave us some important reminders about caring for beautiful hardwood floors.

Timber flooring is timeless and can complement any interior design style. If you live in an older home, you may have existing hardwood floors underneath carpet that can be brought back to life with a bit of love and elbow grease. This is a cost-effective way of adding sophistication and visual appeal to a home.

Sanding and refinishing existing floors is an excellent option for a simple refresh and adds years to the life of a floor. In fact, timber floors can last a lifetime if properly refinished every eight to ten years.

Consider changing the colour of the floor with a new stain or take it right back to its natural look with a clear finish. There is a large range of finishing options available, whether you prefer a simple and understated look, bold and full of character, a contemporary modern look, or a more traditional finish. Bay of Plenty Floor Sanding use low odour, nontoxic polyurethane for a safe and family friendly finish.

White couch and home interiors

Properly staging your home can help potential buyers envision themselves living there. This can include arranging furniture in a way that maximises space while highlighting the home’s best features. Styling professionals Houndstooth Interiors offered us some of their pro tips for staging your home. These also work if you’re looking to cosy up your home for yourself as well!

Layer your ambient lighting

Having a mix of lighting, including large table and floor lamps, can set a comfortable mood while defining areas in the home. This is a must-do for open-plan spaces and larger rooms.

Large natural fibre rugs

The difference between cheap synthetic rugs and natural fibres is obvious, and nature fibres add an extra layer of complexity and luxury to your home. You can never go too large with these – the bigger the better, especially if you have a large space to fill.

Quality art

Investing in large scale quality art is a great way to add value to your home, while bringing substance and a luxurious feel to your home. You’re not fooling anyone with those cheap mass-produced art prints!

Lounge with graphic wall art and white couch.

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