How to create a reading nook

How to create a reading nook

As the nights draw in and the days get colder, it’s time to accept summer is well and truly over. While some might mourn the end of the warm weather, for booklovers the best time of year is just beginning. Along with crisp, clear days and getting out to enjoy spectacular scenery, they know autumn is also the perfect season for reading.

Now that the summer barbecues, beach visits and family get-togethers are finished, it’s time for the ultimate indulgence of making your way through your bookshelves, curled up in cosy surroundings.
A reading nook is a place in your home where you can get away from the distractions of daily life to enjoy your latest novel or autobiography. A comfy place to read can be carved into almost any room and created to work with the size and features of your space. What matters most is that it’s a dedicated place where you can read. To help get you started, here are our top ideas for creating a cosy, intimate hideaway for relaxing with a book.

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1. Take advantage of your home’s key featuresWhen deciding where to create your reading nook, consider the existing features of your home and how these can be utilised. A bay window, alcove, an unused area of a landing or even a well thought-out area under the stairs could be ideal choices for a reading space. If a separate space isn’t available, look for an area in another quiet room such as an office or bedroom, to provide a reading sanctuary within your favourite surroundings.

2. Maximise comfort and atmosphereA reading nook should be intimate and inviting. Get creative with colour and furnishings such as pillows, throws, and lighting to make the space look and feel appealing. Don’t forget to include a space for displaying some of your favourite books for inspiration!

3. Opt for a spot with a viewWhat could be better than reading a good book with the sunlight streaming through and a beautiful view? Consider spaces in your house where you can maintain your privacy while reading, with the added advantage of a window when you look up from the pages of a book.

4. Recline in styleThe chair is arguably the most important part of your reading nook so look for comfort and style. Try a well-loved armchair paired with a footstool or for the ultimate in reading sophistication, select a chaise longue.

5. Include the kidsGet the whole family involved by creating a reading nook in children’s bedrooms to foster a love of books from a young age. Try building a nook into the wall of their bedroom storage, making a comfortable space with beanbags or a teepee hideout for a tempting, snug escape.


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