Home & Garden: Your Winter Planting Guide

Home & Garden: Your Winter Planting Guide
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  • Abby Beswick

Although the months are colder, there’s plenty to keep you busy in the garden. There are so many vegetables you can grow successfully in winter that will keep your family stocked up over the coming months. June to October is the right time to grow and harvest your winter vegetables. If you’re an inexperienced gardener, this is a great time to try your hand at planting, as many vegetables are easy to grow, hardy and provide bountiful harvests with minimal pest and disease problems.

Raised gardens are best. However, if you don’t have vegetable plots and space is an issue, you can use pots or containers, depending on the vegetable. Your winter vegetable patch will need good drainage to cope with the winter rainfall, so avoid waterlogged areas. Make sure your plot is also exposed to as much sun as possible.
Here are some of our favourite vegetables you can sow and grow in New Zealand in winter.


Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it’s no wonder this powerhouse of goodness is so popular. It’s also easy to grow and hardy in frosts. Plant in early winter in full sun and water regularly. Harvest in 20-25 weeks.


Broad beans

Broad beans benefit the gardener and garden. This useful crop sends nitrogen into your soil, which is critical for plant growth and reproduction. Broad beans also provide food for your family, while producing beautiful flowers in an often dreary season. You can sow the seeds right up to the end of winter and they will be ready to harvest in 10 to 12 weeks.



Winter is the best time of the year to plant garlic and you can do so anytime before the end of August. After this, there isn’t enough day-time for the bulbs to fatten up before they stop growing in about October and harden up. This versatile vegetable is a great addition to every kitchen.



Peas can be planted in late autumn or early spring as they prefer colder temperatures. Use stakes or trellis to keep the crop off the ground and provide a growing structure. Feed and water them regularly. You’ll be rewarded with delicious, sweet peas in 10-12 weeks.



Sow in winter or early spring, when the risk of frost has passed. Ensure your spinach is in an area that gets plenty of sun and soil that is rich in compost or other organic matter. Water well after planting. This fast-growing crop is easy to grow and thrives in the garden or containers. Spinach can be harvested a leaf at a time – so you can pick as you need it. This will also encourage new growth.

Broccoli in fresh water

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