Terenzo Bozzone: Ironman World Champion

Terenzo Bozzone: Ironman World Champion
  • Written by
  • Deepika Sulekh

Training for Ironman is in full swing for Terenzo Bozzone, five times world champion and participant in the event.

While the town is busy counting down the days and getting ready in support of the many athletes who will participate this year, we took the chance to catch up with Terenzo on the event, his experience, achievements and what it’s like competing in Taupo.

How did you get into Ironman?

I’ve always been swimming since I was a child, but after a popped eardrum while wakeboarding when I was 13 I had to take a break from swimming and started duathlon. It was then I realised how much I enjoyed multi-sport activities and got into triathlon later on. I started with Duathlon World Championships, Junior Men’s Elite Triathlon World Championships, The Half Ironman World Championships and used those as stepping stones to move on to Full Ironman. I’ve been competing every year since 2009 and got my first victory in Australia in 2016.

Tell us about your experience racing in Taupo.

Competing in Taupo is much more difficult than anywhere else in the world because of the nature of the course. We’ve got rough roads, so tougher runs, and less buoyancy in freshwater making the swim choppier. Us kiwis do have an advantage with our training and practice in Taupo.

What have been the challenges over the years?

Dealing with injuries that come with continuing to push boundaries, and staying resilient during tough times. Because I’m constantly exercising, my immune system is also suppressed, so I have to be more careful about staying on top of my body, focusing on health, hygiene and regular body therapy.

Any advice to future triathletes?

If kids are interested, start them early in events like the Kiwi Kids Triathlon. When I came to NZ I was already too old to participate, but it’s a great start for kids to
learn about things like balance, resilience, strength, and health and fitness from an early age.

What do you love most about competing in Taupo?

How much the town gets behind all the events. It’s amazing to see the support from the locals and the amount of people who visit the town just to cheer us on.

Where to next?

After Ironman, I’m heading to Central America, then Cairns in June and Hawaii in October for more marathons.

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